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 Deck Plan

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PostSubject: Deck Plan    Deck Plan  I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2011 3:59 pm

Deck 1 Main bridge, Captain's Ready room, Senior Officer's
Deck 2 Mess Hall, Main Ship's Dining Hall, Hydroponics
Deck 3 Captain's and Officers Quarters aft torpedo Launcher
Deck 4 Primary Transporters, crew quarters, aft torpedo launcher
Deck 5 Sick Bay, Medical Ward, Patient's Quarters
Deck 6 Holodecks One and Two, Astrometrics lab, Auxiliary Computer core, Stellar Cartography
Deck 7 Auxiliary computer core, deuterium tanks, Impulse Reactors
Deck 8 Deuterium tanks, Auxiliary Warp Core Reactor, Engineering Crews Quarters, DC Repair Equipment Depot
Deck 9 Security, Brig, Weapons Storage Depot (deck nine is shut down to conserve energy aboard Voyager)
Deck 10 Aero shuttle, primary computer core deflector dish, shuttle bay CARGO, crew quarters
Deck 11 main engineering, primary computer core, main deflector dish, forward torpedo bays, main shuttle bay, Shuttle bay CARGO.
Deck 12 Primary computer core main deflector dish, Reserve warp core.
Deck 13 Landing pads, science labs crew quarters.
Deck 14 Anti-matter storage pods, Damage Control Repair Equipment and Tools Storage Depot
Deck 15 Ground hover pads

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Deck Plan
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