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 Warp Engine Specifications

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PostSubject: Warp Engine Specifications   Warp Engine Specifications I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2011 4:01 pm

Warp Core Reactor: M/ARA Class IX
Propulsion System: 2 Quantum Slipstream 24 coil low distortion Variable Geometry Transwarp Nacelles
Normal Cruise Speed: Warp 8
Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 9.75
Maximum Sustainable Warp Speed: Warp 9.99875 (limit of 36 hours maximum)
Tricylclic Input Manifolds
Fuel (Matter Injector): cold deuterium
Fuel (Matter Injector): Quantum Dilithium crystals, Zenonite crystals
Fuel (Antimatter Injector): anti-hydrogen
Fuel (Antiproton Injector): antimatter
Fuel Replenishment: Bussard ramjet Collectors
2 matter-antimatter transkinetic reactor mix chambers
2 Auxiliary backup redundant power distribution warp core reactors (Class VII reactors)
8 Negative Polarity Hydrogen-based Ionised Liquid Plasma Coolant towers

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Warp Engine Specifications
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